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Most Common Services

We offer these services regularly.
Wellness/Yearly Exams

Annual exams and vaccines are an important part of your pet’s overall health and help prevent many deadly diseases.


We can perform tests such as urinalyses, ear and skin cytologies, heartworm tests, intestinal parasite screenings, and more.

Home Euthanasia

When the time comes to say goodbye, we offer in-home euthanasia so that you and your pet can be at peace in your own home.

Online Pharmacy

We can prescribe medication, refill prescriptions, and offer holistic treatment such as acupuncture, nutrition plans, and more.

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For personal at-home care.


Wellness care is an important part of maintaining our pet’s health and happiness and evaluates several factors including your pet’s physical and emotional well-being as well as their lifestyles.  Our goals for your babies are to help prevent devastating illnesses by performing thorough exams on an annual basis, running blood work to check their body organ function and keeping up with their vaccinations and preventions. We will discuss with you what vaccinations are appropriate for your pet as we do not believe in a “one size fits all” vaccine protocol. Vaccines are an important part of disease prevention- however, we do not want to be over-vaccinating and vaccinating for diseases that our pets may not be exposed to.

We also offer:

  • vaccines/antibody titer testing
  • microchipping

Sick Visits

We are experts when it comes to treating skin allergies, itchy ears, urinary problems, inappropriate behaviors and anxiety, eye issues, vomiting, diarrhea, and more – and we do it all within the comfort of your home.


Our  laboratory allows us to examine samples from your pet and perform tests such as urinalysis, ear and skin cytologies, heartworm tests, intestinal parasite screenings, and more. We partner with a reference laboratory in order to provide additional, more extensive diagnostics when needed. This includes a variety of blood work panels, histopathology, and culture and sensitivity testing. Most results are available to our doctors within 24 hours.

Internal Medicine

Our doctors have the ability to monitor and manage many immunological and endocrinological diseases including, but not limited to, Cushing’s disease, diabetes, liver failure, kidney disease, hypo- and hyperthyroidism, and many forms of heart disease.

​We work closely with local veterinary specialists and refer patients when necessary or desired to ensure your pet’s quality of life is maintained at the highest possible level.

Acupuncture & Herbs

The combination of western and holistic medicine brings multiple ways to diagnose and treat the same disease. We, in our animal vet hospital florida, integrate the medical wisdom of the world collected for centuries and the best, safest therapy tailored to the individual need of your pet in order to treat their disease.

Acupuncture is defined as the insertion of needles into specific points on the body to cause a desired healing effect. We also treat your cat and dog in our clinic located in Florida. Most dogs and cats feel very relaxed simply because of the release of endorphins soon after the first acupuncture needle is inserted. They may experience a brief moment of sensitivity as the needle penetrates the skin in certain sensitive areas.  Once, the needles are in place, however, most animals relax and, often times, they fall asleep during treatment. We believe that dogs and cats benefit from acupuncture similarly to the way humans benefit from this treatment.  The ancient art of acupuncture is used to both stimulate the body’s healing response and maintain a healthy balanced state.

Minor Surgery

The minor surgical procedures our doctors perform include feline castration (neutering), growth removals, laceration repairs, and wound management. Performance of these or any other surgical procedure is determined on a case-by-case basis by our doctor upon physical examination of your pet.

​We partner with veterinary hospitals in your area for major surgical procedures that require full anesthesia and/or a sterile surgical environment, such as canine and feline spays, bone and joint repairs, and dentistry. Contact us to have your pet’s pre-anesthetic blood work done at home once your pet’s surgical procedure is scheduled.

Pharmacy & Prescription Diets

Our pharmacy comes with us! Didn’t realize you are completely out of your pet’s monthly heartworm prevention when we arrive for their visit? No worries! Our mobile pharmacy is fully stocked with heartworm prevention and flea and tick prevention, as well as an array of antibiotics, ear and eye medications, pain medications, holistic supplements, and more. ​

Many pets benefit from prescription diets, especially if they are suffering from kidney disease, urinary tract disease, high cholesterol, or frequent gastrointestinal upset. We can have any prescription veterinary diet shipped directly to your door with a 100% Money Back Guarantee if your pet will not eat it.

Need a refill of your pet’s medication? We can have it delivered straight to your house.

​We work with specialty and compounding pharmacies if your pet is particularly challenging to give medication to. Ask us about alternative medication administration methods for your pet!

Please note that your pet must be current on an annual exam and current on any necessary related testing for medications to be legally dispensed. Medication refills for any recurrent health issues (such as ear and skin infections) are determined on an individual basis as recheck examinations and/or further testing may be required.

Travel Certificates

Dr. Anthony is USDA accredited and can issue health certificates for both domestic and international pet travel. We are happy to help your pet become (or continue to be) a world traveler!

Please note that it is your responsibility to provide us with the travel guidelines appropriate for your pet associated with the state or country of destination prior to your pet’s appointment. Not sure what specific health requirements must be met for your pet to travel? Visit the USDA APHIS website here.

Airlines often have their own regulations regarding pet travel. BringFido has a handy list to refer to here.

Health Certificates

We understand the difficulty of bringing an entire litter of puppies or kittens to a veterinary hospital and the risk of exposing their undeveloped immune systems to a new environment. Avoid this hassle and stress by letting us come to you!

Our health certificate package for puppies include each puppy’s physical examination, their first DHPP (distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, and parainfluenza) vaccination, Bordetella vaccination (an upper respiratory disease often called “kennel cough”), intestinal parasite screening, and a dose of broad-spectrum dewormer.

Our health certificate package for kittens include each kitten’s physical examination, an FELV/FIV (feline leukemia and feline immunodeficiency virus) test, their first FVRCP (feline viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, and panleukopenia) vaccination, intestinal parasite screening, and a dose of broad-spectrum dewormer.

Hospice Care & In-home Euthanasia

We are advocates for living pain-free in addition to living stress-free. We want your senior dog or cat to be able to spend their golden years as free of pain and stress as possible. Often it is difficult to get your senior pet to the veterinary office, so let us come to you!  We offer the best in pain management, alternative therapies (such as acupuncture) and  supplementations to make your senior pet as comfortable as possible.​

When the time comes to say goodbye to your beloved companion, we offer in-home euthanasia so that you and your pet can be at peace in your own home. Family and loved ones can all be present to say goodbye to their friend in a quiet, private environment.

​We offer cremation services with the option of having your pet’s ashes returned to you in a beautifully crafted container of your choosing.