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committed to creating a healthier future together – because home is where their heart is

Services Central Florida, Lake County and surrounding areas

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What exactly is a "mobile vet"?

We’re a mobile vet service that comes to your home, to treat your pets. This service is offered to help pets stay calm and happy in their own environment, while giving our clients extra peace of mind.

What are the benefits?

A mobile veterinarian provides an alternative to the traditional “brick and mortar” clinic. We provide a personal concierge veterinary service in your home which is less stressful for your pet. Because of this, there are many other benefits to consider:

  • You can schedule appointments on your schedule
  • House calls spare pets that do not travel well from the experience of a car trip.
  • Large pets or those with arthritis or those with advanced age may be difficult to transport. This service offers an option.
  • Owners with multiple pets do not have to make several trips to a veterinary clinic for routine care. A single house call can treat all your pets.
  • People with several pets may need to make multiple trips to the hospitals for routine care.
  • Owners who find it difficult to drive or may not have any transportation will find this a convenient and valuable alternative to hiring transport to take your pet to a clinic.
  • Exams are done in your home, in your pets accustomed environment where chronic conditions are best observed.
  • It avoids situations where aggressive pets are exposed to other pets at the veterinary clinic.
  • It avoids exposure to contagious diseases when visiting clinics for annual exams.
  • Best of all, it allows YOU more time with the doctor at home vs. a short in-and-out office visit.

Do I need to be home?

Yes. Examinations, vaccines, and treatments are done with the pet’s owner present. Because you are present from the beginning to the end of the visit, it gives you and your veterinarian the opportunity to discuss any questions that you may have about your pet’s health. In addition, it gives the veterinarian the opportunity to discuss any abnormal findings with you.

Do you take pet insurance?

Payment is due at the time of visit. However, we can provide you with itemized receipts and sign claim forms so you may submit your insurance claims to your insurance company.

How much will an exam cost?

Exams and diagnostics range in price. Please call or send us an email at [email protected] to receive an estimate for services.

Who We Serve

Four Legacy Vet is a small animal mobile vet clinic that provides in-home comprehensive medical care to dogs and cats in Central Florida. Our mobile veterinarian service range extends across Lake County and surrounding areas including Umatilla, Eustis, Tavares, Sorrento and Mount Dora.

With a great team who loves what they do. Because of this, we look forward to serving you and caring for your furry family members!

In our mobile veterinary clinic, the Services are by appointment only and we do not offer emergency services. Therefore, we’re typically unable to accommodate same-day appointment requests.

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"Dr. Anthony and her team were so kind and empathetic when they came to help our dog cross the rainbow bridge. I had peace of mind knowing our dog could pass peacefully in our home. I would recommend everyone to use this service."

Kathy H.Eustis

"With two dogs, and one cat, I LOVE being able to have all of their annual exams in the same day- same HOUR- with one appointment. My cat gets super car sick, so the fewer times I need to pack him up in the car, the better!"

Nicole J.Mount Dora

"So easy, and so worth the cost for the convenience. My animals aren't ever stressed. In fact, they know that Dr. Anthony and her team are coming to shower them with love and affection!"

Bob A.Sorrento

What to expect during your visit:

Your pet’s visit will include a complete physical exam from nose to tail! For example, we will weigh your pet, collect blood, urine or stool if necessary, and administer any appropriate vaccinations or medication based on your pet’s wellness. You and your pet will have the added benefit of spending you entire visit with the doctor in the comfort of your home.

For our canine patients

Your dog’s appointment can take place in your family room, kitchen, porch, or backyard. Your dog must be leashed during our visit. Therefore, we can avoid having to “catch them,” which increases their stress.

For our feline patients

We are proud of our feline-friendly veterinary care and do our best to keep cats as calm as possible using fear-free and low-stress handling techniques. Extracting cats from underneath furniture in a bedroom or living room or from on top of kitchen cabinets is stressful for everyone involved! Because of this, do ask that you sequester your cat(s) in a bathroom or laundry room prior to our arrival.

We understand

Even home visits can be frightening to some of our patients. We strive to work with all of our patients with kindness and compassion. However, should a pet appear to be harmful to itself or harmful to our staff, sedation will be recommended.

If you pet must undergo a procedure that requires hospitalization, general anesthesia, or further in-depth testing (referral to a veterinary specialist) – we will provide a list of area hospitals that we believe excel in patient care.

Because of the nature of house-call veterinary practice, there are times where you’ll be advised to take your pet to a brick-and-mortar animal hospital. For example, if he or she is very sick, needs more advanced diagnostics, or requires involved surgical treatments.

We maintain great relationships with many traditional veterinary hospitals throughout Lake County and can refer you to someone that we trust, if ever necessary.

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